Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are available for any age group and can be as long or as short as you like. Choose from 1-to-1 tuition or couples based lessons.

Why might you want a private lesson?

  • Extra practice - just for fun!
  • Dancers or couples who prefer to learn in private
  • Wedding dance lessons - to your special song for the big day
  • Extra practice for competitions or medal tests

To organise private lessons please ring or email - details are available on the Contact page.


Social Classes


Stardance (10 & under) - 5pm


Adult Social Ballroom - 7pm


Rosette (8 & under) - 5pm

Syllabus Class - 5:45pm

Adult Social Ballroom - 7pm


Gold Bars & above -11:15am

Practice Class - 3:30pm


Regular 6 weekly courses for

adult beginners - 7pm

Followed by a practice session

for social dancers - 8pm

Private Lessons

Daily by appointment

Dance Fitness

Knayton Village Hall

Monday, 7:30pm - 8:30pm